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Interview With Medicinal Herbalist Dr. Amber Robinson

Discover the amazing power of plants in medicine on The Medical Truth Podcast. Host James Egidio interviews Dr. Amber Robinson, a medicinal herbalist and aromatherapist who sheds light on the fascinating world of natural remedies. Tune in now at #PlantMeds

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Toxins in Vaccines

Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, a licensed internal medicine physician and ACAMS certified Chelation therapist. She shares valuable insights on toxins in vaccines and the potential benefits of chelation therapy for detoxification. #MTP

Vaccine Toxins

Hosted by James Egidio, this episode explores the important topic of vaccine toxins with Dr. Mihalcea. Her expertise sheds light on the potential risks associated with vaccinations and offers an alternative approach through chelation therapy. Don't miss this informative discussion. #VaccineToxins

Unveiling the Truth: Dr. William Douglass, M.D. Discusses COVID and the Vaccine from a Florida Standpoint

James Egidio, host of the Medical Truth podcast, interviews Dr. William "Camp" Douglass, a frontline physician in Florida during the pandemic. Dr. Douglass provides valuable insights into the COVID vaccine or gene therapy, as well as the future of vaccines and pandemics. #MTP

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